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By Shawn Desman – “Difference”


Picture 1 (little kid):   Genevieve . Poverty vs. Affluence . 2012. Photograph. Youth Voices, Salt Lake City.

Picture 2 (pretty house):   Pretty House . 2009. Photograph. inkity

Picture 3 (kids on trash):   Kaitlin Bruno. garbage city. 2008. Photograph. Global Envision, Egypt.

Picture 4 (good food):   Food and Nutrition. N.d. Photograph. Anxiety Clinic & Health Care

Picture 5 (trashy food):    Bon. Sociology Blog. 2008. Photograph. Blogger

Picture 6 (old man):   U.S. POVERTY RISES TO 50 YEAR RECORD. 2012. Photograph. San Francisco Sentinel, San Francisco.

Picture of the earth (globe) moving from point to point is the animation from iMovie.

Picture 7 (white house):    Serena O’Sullivan. The White House lawn gets a makeover . 2010. Photograph. End Water Poverty Blog

Picture 8 (woman carrying her child on back):   Nomadic Samuel. Markets of La Paz, Bolivia. 2011. Photograph. Nomadic Samuel, La Paz. (information included)

Picture 9 (mom sitting on floor with kid):   Afolabi Ogunde. 61% of Nigerians are Living in Poverty – National Bureau of Statistics. 2012. Photograph. BusinessNews, Nigeria.  (information included)

Picture 10 (sister taking care of her brother):   EU AGREE ZAMBIA FINANCING PACKAGE TO FIGHT POVERTY. N.d. Photograph. ThePovertyCent, Zambia. (information included)

Picture 11 (baby on the ground):   Children in Poverty. 2009. Photograph. artsy Time, Mumbai. (information included)

Picture 12 (a beggar begging):   Alexander Natruskin /Reuters. Millions more Russians shunted into poverty. 2009. Photograph. The guardian, Moscow.

Picture 13 (black child sitting):    About World Hunger and Poverty. N.d. Photograph. University of Waterloo

Picture 14 (young children and mom):    India Day 1. 2010. Photograph. Poverty Around the World, New Delhi.

Picture 15 (mother with her dead child):   Milions of Mouth. N.d. Photograph. Millions of Mouths to Feed

Picture 16 (end poverty now slogan):   End poverty now!. 2012. Photograph. Fanpop: The Poverty

Picture 17 (Selena Gomez):   Selena Gomez Visits Families In Chile With UNICEF. 2011. Photograph. Disney Dreaming, Chile.

Picture 18 (soup kitchen):   How To Start A Soup Kitchen?. 2010. Photograph.

Picture 19 (food):   Pakistan Poverty. 2011. Photograph. Umeed Foundation, Rawalpindi.

Picture 20 (clothing):   Renzelle Mae Abasolo. Street vendors-Used clothing. N.d. Photograph. Article.wn, Philippines.

Picture 21 (shelter):   Building Houses, Building Bridges . 2011. Photograph. Mccblog

Picture 22 (earth):   US vs THEM or US AND Them?. 2009. Photograph. Israel Green charity, Tzedakah.

Picture 23 (2015):   We can end poverty. UN Millennium development goals summit. 2010. Photograph. Medicus Mundi, New York.

Picture 24 (last, happy kids):   Vitaly Friedman. 25 Powerful Children Portraits. 2008. Photograph. Smashing Magazine, Germany.




It was day of presentation for me and I was all ready. The night before, I had worked really hard on my movie and it was all ready to be posted up on Facebook and everything, but when I went in to class, it didn’t work. I was really bummed about that issue. I really didn’t like it at all. I thought to myself that all my hard work and staying up so late the night before just went to waste. I was really worried and thinking about my grade and what will happen when everyone grades and gives me comments. I was all so worried up head to toe. Than the professor just told me to say what I had on my video which I thought I did an excellent job telling what I had, but I still was sad that no one could see my hard work 😦 After presenting without showing my video, the professor did let me go the next day to show my video to everyone. I thought to myself that wasn’t fair if I didn’t get to show my video and get good feedback, but I did get to present in the end. Everyone liked my movie very much but however they also found a mistake of “UNCIEF”. After looking at the video again and looking up the acronym online again, I had to correct it and change it to “UNICEF” which was the correct form. If it wouldn’t be for this presenting the next day, I knew I would haven’t seen that mistake myself. That’s why I was really happen in the end that I got to show my video to everyone and this was not just because I wanted everyone to see my work, but instead to see if I had any mistakes. I wanted to make my movie as perfect as possible which I finally did in the end. I believe I’m very proud of what I have in the end. 🙂

Dr. Lackey,

It was great working with you and having you as a teacher. I’ll miss you a lot. You were a great teacher and the best English teacher I ever had. In fact, you’re the first English teacher I will have that I make an A in; not accounting English 1050. I actually hated English so much because I always made a B in high school, but after coming here and taking your course, I can proudly say that I really like English now. I don’t know it’s because if you didn’t give us any homework or just the way you taught the class. I believe it’s the second one for sure. I really like the way you taught the class. You broke everything down into the simplest matter. If that wasn’t possible, than you went on YouTube to get us the video we wanted. I really like that about you. You teach us students the way we want to be taught which is by going to YouTube and putting on videos on the class website. I like how everything is planned and we know ahead of time what we are supposed to be doing the next day. You give us fun projects to work with and tell us what exactly needs to be in the paper. I really like that about you. This way, we know what you’ll be grading us on and know for sure how to make an’A.’ Doing these blogs were boring at first but than I thought to myself that you only gave us to do them just so our grade boosts up which was an awesome idea. Having you as our professor was really fun. You will be definitely missed by me next year. You taught me things I never would have imagined to do which I thank you for that. It was fun working with you and having you as  a teacher.


Dear, Next Semester!!!

To the class of fall 2012 semester, 🙂

Doing all different types of portfolios were fun and exciting. I really enjoyed working with Dr. Lackey. She was a great person outside of class along with in class professor. She is very good at explaining every single detail and if you still don’t understand, she is ready to break it down through YouTube which I thought that was her best quality in teaching. Doing 3 portfolios were not that easy as come and get it, but instead had to work really hard for it. You had to prepare, like read the actual material, before getting to the next step of the paper. For example, there was a mandatory reading and than take a quiz for Portfolio 1 when we had to interview a person from either Robeson, Scotland, or Hoke Counties and ask about the health and wellness of the community they live in. It is very important to talk to people and get comfortable around them if you’re going to take this class. The second portfolio was not all that fun but there was one benefit to it and that was you could have researched on ANYTHING as long as you had related back to the health and wellness of the community. I thought this was the most hard working project that was done from all three portfolios. It wasn’t difficult at all but just had to work hard for it since there was a lot of materials that had to be covered. The final and the last portfolio was the easiest from all three, but however, you are able to know how to use movie maker since you have to make a movie from the information that was researched from portfolio 2. It was fun making this movie and showing it to the entire class. This shows the creativeness of how you can put the movie together. I thought this was the best part of all the portfolios. I suggest if anyone takes her class, I advice you to be a hard worker and write good papers. I also advice you to be open minded and have a positive attitude towards the other classmates because they are going to be a tremendous help if you end up taking this class. The bright side of this class is that there are no tests but only like 2 quizzes. I also like how the professor lets you make up anything that you got a bad grade on. This is a great class. I surely know that you’re going to enjoy it very much. All the different types of readings and movies and projects you do, you surely won’t regret it. I know I didn’t.

Pooja 🙂

Movie editing

I feel like the movie editing took much longer than making the video itself. In the beginning, putting all the information together wasn’t that hard as much as work it took to edit all the process of the movie. I just had to put the information together and put pictures in where they had belong, but editing part was the longest of all. I had to revise and reread the information. Make sure it was clear and visible enough for my fellow classmates to read. I had to make sure the right music was flowing with it. I also had to make other people, my friends, watch the video to make sure that the timing of the words was right and also if the words are going at the right pace. I got some feedback saying that the middle portion of the movie was a bit too fast, so I had to fix that and post it again on my FaceBook. I realized that what they were saying was absolutely right and true. When I tried looking at their point of view, the words were too fast. So that editing took a while to get back with the right lyrics of the song. Other than all this editing, I really enjoyed making this video. It was fun, real, and very much exciting to learn something new. Let’s just hope that I got my goal across to my audience into what I was actually aiming for.

Almost done…

I am almost done with my movie. I am so excited for everyone to see it when I present it in class. I can’t wait for it. The video is very much emotional…the rhetorical I used mainly in this paper is PATHOS! It surely does have a little bit of logos and ethos in the video but mainly focuses on pathos. I worked really hard on it. From getting all the right words and phrases in to all the way to getting flow of the music with my wording in the end. I surely want to know if that this video did reach its goal; which was to convince my audience into changing the world one small step at a time. I sure hope so. I just want to start from my classmates into convincing my colleagues that poverty is changing up this entire planet and we, as the citizens, can do something about it. But let’s see if this turns out to be what I really hope.

Reflective–Portfolio 3

The portfolio 3 work was a quite different then all the other reflective I have been doing this past semester in English 1060. This time, Portfolio 3 was all about making a movie for the research we did for portfolio 2. I thought it was quite different then what we usually work on all the time. I really like the idea of the professor making us do a movie because one, it was a good way to let the world know, and two, I learned something new which was iMovie. The movie I worked on this semester was on Poverty and how it’s changing the world one small step at a time. I thought of making my video really unique by letting a little kid talk in my video. I tried my best to make it seem like the boy is talking in his point of view. I wanted to let my audience know how it feels to a little young boy when he is faced with poverty…hence calling my video…”The Other Side.” I thought this was a really unique name like my video. For example, in my video, he tells us that we, the audience, lives in a beautiful home..where as that young boy who’s telling the story, lives on trash. I don’t know where I got this idea, but I thought it would be a great way to combine it in my video and make my audience see the eyes of the little boy. My audience for this project are the citizens of the world because I want to show them that poverty is no joke and has to be taken seriously. They can do something about it if they wanted to which I believe they should. I made the video seem really emotional..which is pathos for my rhetorical purpose. I also added some of ethos and logos. Putting some logic into my video as well as some ethics. All the readings I did that were so boring really did help me. Especially the “C.R.A.P.” acronym that was taught to me. Contrast, I had to make sure that my pictures popped out to my audience. I didn’t just show dim colors and had to go with what I was working on which was poverty. I used light colors for my pictures and black and white to show the people that poverty is bad. Repetition, I used the same font color through out the movie so it was consistent through out my video. Alignment, the entire video of mine is proper and is in place. Nothing seems to be out of place and it seems to be flowing really well and the way I want it to be. Proximity, I have put all the related items together and my video doesn’t seem to be scattered every where. For example, When it talks about the solutions, I put all the all the solutions together in my video at the very end.

This semester, I have a learned a lot of things in my English 1060 class. Things that I never even imagine of learniing. I also did some new things to learn something interview a person and making a video. If it wasn’t for this class, I wouldn’t have know anything like this. This class was some experience I went through. Doing blogs was something new as well. I didn’t even know there was something called, “Blogs” and other people can read what I have to say on the internet. All the readings that was done in class, from learning how to interview someone to all the way to how to make a good movie using the rhetorical uses. I never thought I would be learning something like this. Never EVER! But I also found out that you learn something new everyday which happened to be this class for me. I use to learn something new every single day. Every time I went into that class at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, along with the 12:20 labs on Wednesdays, I always learned something new. Either if it had something to do that is boring like reading or something fun like making a video. I know that all this things I learned is going to help me in the future. I probably will be transferring to State next year so I know for a fact that I’ll have to use all this information I learned in this class in the future. Either if it is interviewing someone or making a movie. I won’t have to be that only person in the class who doesn’t know how to make a movie or interview someone, I’ll also know how to do that thanks to Dr. Lackey. All the reading materials that was also done in class will help me in the future as well. For example, I’m hoping to go to medical school, and I know that I will have to do a lot of reading so learning the fact that reading is very much helpful, I will not deny the readings and the texts. I learned that even though something is really boring when reading, it helps in the long run when working on something. So I know for a fact that all the things I have learned in my English 1060 class, is DEFINITELY going to help me in the future.

Poverty around UNCP

Poverty is everywhere as I have been saying this entire semester. No matter what happens or what changes, poverty is going to be there UNLESS something is done to prevent it like donating money, clothes, toys, etc. I have seen poverty around the campus as well. One day, I had seen one old lady with half ripped clothes on the UNCP campus when I was coming out of the Oxendine Building. I was walking to Place Apartments, where I saw this lady on campus begging for some spare change to students. I wanted to take a picture and put it in my video but sadly I had forgotten my cell phone that day at home. I thought to myself that this was ridiculous that it has come to poor people at the stage of coming to school campus to beg for money. I feel like if we donated some food, clothing, and/or toys for children, this wouldn’t have happened today. It makes me sad that I have a place to live but they have to live under a tree. It makes me sad that I have such good food to eat and they have trash cans to get food. I don’t see why citizens of this world see what I see. People living on the streets, without food, clothing, or shelter. Sometimes, I feel like us citizens have no heart at all. 

It gave me an idea!!!

The in class presentation that everyone started on Thursday helped me out a lot. First of all, I didn’t know at all where and how to start off my movie, but than after looking at how some of my classmates are doing on their movie, it gave me an idea where I should go about from. The three people went on Thursday had so much done for their presentations. I liked how everyone had a plan on what they were doing and/or were going to do. Everything was so well prepared, from the power points to every single small details like fonts and wording/pictures. Looking at some videos online helped me as well to where to start my movie from. I had to look at several different videos on YouTube to see the fonts, words, pictures, etc. were using to get their audience into the video. So many of the videos I looked at were very well organized and concise on the information. This gave me the idea to get my video started on a poor child’s perspective. Why not a poor child telling the story of his own life? I liked that idea I came up with of course, after the help of my classmates’s presentations and also the videos on YouTube I watched in my spare time.

Who my audience is??

It seems like to me that this video’s audience is exactly what I’m looking for movie project. The video shows me who to persuade and how to convince someone on poverty if that’s the issue, or in this case, on anything like even hunger. When I looked at this video for the first time, I said to myself that this is what my main goal happens to be to convince my audience that poverty is everywhere around the world. I like how the pictures in the video are of kids around the world and not just one part of Earth. I believe that the author of this video choses this audience because poverty is not only in one part of the world but in fact, the entire planet. At ever corner of any city you go to, you will find some poor person sleeping on the floor, begging for money/food, or anything. I can tell that this audience is chosen for sure because the pictures in video is of different children around the world. They approach the audience by showing two perspectives like what will happen if you don’t help with poverty and what will happen if something is done like simply donating money to UNCIEF to the poor people. They try to convince the audience as well by showing really devastating pictures of kids dying in their parent’s hands… Too scary!! ***TEAR*** 😦